December 15, 2017

Paranormal Hot Spot Feature Articles:
USS North Carolina
By Angel Summitt


The USS North Carolina was a battleship for the United States Navy.  This was the third Navy ship named for the state of North Carolina.  The construction of the battleship began on October 27, 1937 by the New York Shipyard and launched on June 13, 1940.  She was commissioned on April 9, 1941 with Captain Olaf M. Hustvedt commanding.  Being the first Navy modern battleship that was commissioned, the USS North Carolina received so much attention that it received its nickname "Showboat".
The USS North Carolina was in use for every major Pacific battle during WWII.  She received 15 battle stars during this time.  Her main role was to protect aircraft carriers.   The ship consisted of nine 16-inch guns, twenty 5-inch dual-purpose guns, sixteen 28 mm machine guns; which were replaced with 20 mm and 40 mm rapid-fire anti-aircraft cannons.
The USS North Carolina was decommissioned on June 27, 1947.  In 1958, she was placed in the Inactive Reserve Fleet in New Jersey.  In1961, citizens of North Carolina launched the Save Our Ship Campaign to save the ship from being scrapped.  This campaign was a success.  She is now located in Wilmington, NC.  The ship was dedicated as a memorial to North Carolinians of all services killed in World War II on April 29, 1962.
For a more in-depth description on the history of the USS North Carolina go to: .

I was having alot of trouble finding information on hauntings for the USS North Carolina.  There were only 10 men that lost their lives during battle.  But Danny Bradshaw believes that one or two may still be among the ship.  Danny is a night watchman for the ship.  He has seen a face in his bedroom window, had the TV cut off on him numerous times, saw a ghost with white-flamed hair, and even felt a ghost put its hand on his should in the Mess Hall.  For more info on Danny Bradshaw and the ghosts that are on the USS North Carolina go to: . 

Also, Danny Bradshaw has written a book about his experiences.  If you want to hear more check out his book titled Ghosts on the Battleship North Carolina.
You can tour the actual battleship today.  It is a self-guided tour with plenty to see.  They will tell you that the tour will take about 2 hours but for history enthusiasts it will take approximately 3 to 4 hours.  For more information go to

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