January 20, 2018 



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January 20, 2018

Mid-South Paranormal Convention

Get the latest information!  

The Groundbreaking Spooked DVD

Keith Age (Host of Spooked, The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium)  

Children of the Grave

Experience the preview!  

The Possessed

Experience the preview!  

The Haunted Boy

Experience the preview!  

Soul Catcher

Experience the preview!  

Children Of The Grave 2

Experience the preview!  

The Unseen

Experience the preview!  

Ghosts in Galena

Experience the preview!  

Training House Picture Posted!

Due to popular demand, the photograph described by LGHS Case Manager Sharon Brown as captured in the LGHS Training House has been posted on the Training House Investigation page. Please click the headline to view the page!  

The LGHS Paranormal Website Excellence Award

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society will now be awarding our own special "Website Excellence Award" to other websites who request that their website be reviewed for our award. We honor paranormal, haunted, or ghost related websites which both promote,...  

Video Archive

Experience the latest videos!  

Updated Photo Gallery Section

The photo gallery section now contains a automated feed, which will automatically process photo gallery additions to the photo gallery page, and display the links to view the photos accordingly. Click the headline above to view the page!  

Photos from the Paranormal Conference in Alton

Want to see the Paranormal Conference photos from Alton? Click the headline to view them!  

The Ghost Walks of Downtown Louisville

Are you ready to take a haunted stroll through Downtown Louisville? Well, you can take the tour for yourself - and learn about how HAUNTED Downtown Louisville is..... Please click the headline for more information.  

PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Download

View Keith Age's press sheet & bio, along with a the LGHS fact sheet. Good to print and pass around. Changes may be made to this document in the future, do be sure to check the link for updates as they are posted.  

Congratulations To Jim Bulleit

Click the headline for congratulations to Jim Bulleit, for his Emmy Award!  

New Links Added

We have added new links to our LGHS "Links We Like" page. Please click the headline on this article to visit our "Links We Like" page to view the new links, and to check out our archive of older links that we still like!  

Paranormal Weather Station

The LGHS added the Freeware download to our website "Ghost Weather Station", which enables you to track environmental periods for paranormal activity! Click the title link above in order to visit our paranormal forecast page, and to get the FREE software...  

LGHS Message Board

The rules and regulations section for the LGHS Message Board have been updated. Please review if you use the message forums to communicate with other members. Click the title link above to view the message board!  

The Gray Lady of Liberty Hall

The historic mansion of Liberty Hall lies between Lexington and Louisville Kentucky, at 218 Wilkinson Street in Frankfort Kentucky. Read the article by Sharon Brown, LGHS Case Manager for LGHS by clicking the title link!  

Haunted America Conference

Photos courtesy of BobbyT. Please click the headline to view!  

Professional Musician's Center

Check out Louisville's Professional Musician's Center! Click the headline to view!  

American Standard 2008

Photos courtesy of BobbyT. Please click the headline to view!  

Dr. Dawn's American Spirit Summit

Comedy film boldly pokes fun at the world of paranormal research and the stereotypical that inhabit it.  

Mansfield Reformatory

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society experience one of the most haunted prisons in the United States!  

Fright Night Film Fest

Photos courtesy of BobbyT. Please click the headline to view!  

Howard Steamboat Museum

LGHS is the first and only ghost hunting group to investigate this landmark! You have a chance to join!  

The Booth Brothers

Live with Keith Age September 27, 2008 at The Mid-South Paranormal Convention!  

The Orb Tones

The Orb Tones performed live at The Seventh Annual MidSouth Paranormal Convention.  

The Possessed Premiere Party

The Possessed premieres on the Syfy Channel October 8, 2009! Party was held at the Sawyer-Hayes Community Center.  

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society Events

Do you want to keep up with past and future events from The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society? Click the title link above to view!  

ParaCon 2010

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Woolridge.  

The False Positives Gallery

Our very own Rhonda Jurgenson has created a "False Positives" gallery to show examples of how paranormal images can be created with simple techniques. This should help people in determining the validity of an actual paranormal photo capture.... or to...  

Mid-Ohio Paranormal Convention

April 2012  

The Culbertson Mansion

The "Stories From Beyond" section! Check out the Culbertson Mansion, as told by Roberta Simpson Brown! Photos by Sharon Brown! Click the headline above to view!  

The Eastern Cemetery

An article, with better facts - data, and a HUGE photo gallery! Check out the truth behind "The Eastern Cemetery" Click the headline to view more!  

Weird Chicago?

THE WEIRD CHICAGO TOUR! Discover the Local Legends & Best Kept Secrets of the Windy City in a Way that No Other Tour Can Show You! Come along with Author Troy Taylor and the Weird Chicago Staff as we take a walk on the wild side of the city in search...  

The Lemp Mansion

Take a trip into "The Lemp Mansion" and find out what happened to some LGHS members when they stayed the night there! A great story, and great photos! Click the headline to read!  

Paranormal Hotspot: The USS North Carolina

Check out this "Paranormal Hotspot" by Angela Summitt! Click the headline above to view the article!  

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