December 15, 2017


Paranormal Data Displays:

The Paranormal Data Displays are provided courtesy of, and are used specifically to track "Paranormal Weather Imaging, and is used primarily for Ghost Hunters.

Please reference:

for more information on these meters.

Check back here for updated data as it is reported.

These meters will update automatically.


N3KL Solar Activity Monitor

Solar X-rays: status
Geomagnetic Field: kpstatus



Ghost Weather Station:

Ghost Weather Station is a desktop application, which allows Ghost Hunters and Investigators to receive the current lunar and weather conditions. This comes in handy if you need to record the current conditions for your Investigation report.

Current Features:

* Displays the Current Precise Moon Phase.  

* Displays Next New, Full, First Quarter, and Last Quarter Moon.  

* Gives you the Moon angle, Percent of lumination, Julian Days, and Lunation Number.  

* Downloads and displays the current Solar X-Ray status and Geomagnetic Field status.  

* Displays your current weather condition, temperature, Dew Point, Humidity, Visibility, Pressure, UV Index, and Wind Speed.  

Screen Shots:

Take a look at these screen shots to see what GWS is capable of doing.



Download GWS:

Ghost Weather Station is freeware, which means you are free to use and distribute this program as you see fit. You are not allowed to modify or sell this program individually or within a software package, unless the package is given a way for free. GWS is completely spyware and virus free!


Download: Ghost Weather Station

For more information on how to read these meters above, and their meanings - please visit:


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