December 15, 2017

Investigations Conducted By The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society:

The LGHS Training House
By Dale Clark

The LGHS Training House is located in southwest Jefferson County. The house sits on Rattlesnake Hill, in a heavily wooded area, it is very secluded. Conventional research, (conducted by Keith Age), has turned up little or no information on the history of the property.

All that we do know for sure is that the property was once a logging camp, along with most of the surrounding area. Deaths were reported at the logging camp, but it is unknown whether or not they actually happened on this particular property or not.

This house has been in my family for years, so all I can really do is give the history that my family has experienced, and some of the things that the LGHS has experienced.

My cousin, Debbie Webb, owns the house now. She got the house from her grandparents, Gert and Walter. Gert and Walter did not really complain about paranormal activity, but they did complain alot about noises. Please remember the time period, but Walter did say on many occasions that "the Chinamen" were digging under the house. This was dismissed as an animal or just the fact that they were not young anymore. Gert eventually passed away in the front room of the house after a long illness. Walter got remarried, and moved to a new house. The house sat empty for a long time.

Debbie and her then husband Bob, got the house from Walter. They remodeled the existing house and added on a couple of rooms, and demolished a couple of out buildings. They did not really experience anything out of the ordinary, other than one of their dogs, Chump, alway seemed to bark and stare at a specific place in the ceiling. Debbie and Bob eventually put a ceiling fan there. Debbie used to joke that it gave the dog something to bark at.

The front room was turned into two bedrooms. Debbie's daughter, Felicia, claimed to have heard noises when she lived in the front part of the house. She also said that she would wake up with bruises in odd places.

Later, the wall creating the two rooms was taken down. The front part of the house was practically unused for a couple of years until my sister, Maribeth Clark, (former LGHS Vice president), rented the front two rooms of the house to use as a kind of apartment.

The very first night Maribeth stayed there, (she had gotten home late after helping with tours at Waverly), she came in, emptied her pockets on a box to be unpacked and laid down. One of the things that was in her pockets was a Dr. Gauss EMF meter, belonging to Keith Age. About 45 minutes after she laid down, the EMF meter spiked and started going crazy. This was extremely odd since it was not on at the time. When she got up to check on the EMF, it stopped. The meter chirped a couple of more times that night, and Maribeth was quoted as saying "cool," which she had gotten from Keith. "Cool" was the standard response to paranormal activity by most active members at the time.

Maribeth reported numerous instances of strange things happening. She started waking up with scratches and bruises in very strange places, places you would remember if you scratched. At times she felt hands touch her while laying in bed. Maribeth and Keith watched a plastic figurine move from one side of a shelf in her living room to the other. Keith saw shadows walk up to the louvered doors that separate the front room from the rest of the house. He was convinced it was Debbie, but she was upstairs asleep. Keith then put motion detectors in the kitchen outside the doors. They would always seem to go off at a certain time of the early morning. The back door could sometimes be heard opening and slamming on nights with no wind. Debbie started finding small trivial things on the floor by her bed that she could not explain how they got there. The most common was paperclips. Debbie's current dog, Dog (who is deaf), will sometimes act funny on the side of Debbie's bed that she does not use. When Dog does this, you can almost see an outline of a person laying there. I have personally gotten strange EMF readings around this side of the bed.

The last thing that my sister reported to me was that one day right before she moved to Georgia, she was cleaning the bathroom. She got the feeling she was being watched. When she turned to look back into the kitchen from the bathroom door, she saw a full body apparition of a man that faded away slowly after she gasped. Just a week or two after that, Maribeth moved back to Georgia.

Maribeth and Keith talked to Debbie about using this house for LGHS training on workshops 3 & 4. Debbie agreed. After we started, we got some "cool" things. Sheri Unser, (LGHS Special Events Coordinator), has recorded EVP there. Natalie Clark, (former LGHS Treasurer), got a strange picture standing in the kitchen shooting across the dinning area towards the bathroom. Something seemed to be over the table, making things blurry. Cold spots are common place in this house. Equipment would be left in one place, and would be found somewhere else. We noticed that the lights in the main living room would flicker or go on and off when Keith was coming over to check on us. Sometimes the lights would go off if he just pulled in the driveway.

The most memorable event at the training house also involved Keith. Nothing was really going on, we decided to call it a night. I was standing by the back door to lock it after everyone got outside. Everyone was out but Laura, (another LGHS member), Keith, and myself. As they came into the mud room to leave, Keith stumbled forward. If he had not caught himself on a shelf sitting there, he would have ended up on his knees, taking Laura's knees out from under her as well. I just happened to turn around as Keith's hat came flying over Laura and hit me in the face. A couple of members rushed Keith outside, and a couple of members went back inside with equipment. Laura and Tatyana practically ripped Keith's shirt off and sure enough; he had a perfect red circle right in the middle of his shoulder blades. It was about as big around as a soup can. The only evidence that the members who went back inside got was a 25-degree temperature drop in the area where Keith was struck. It dissipated quickly. Keith described it as if he was struck across the back with a cane or pole.

Now for those of you who are into metaphysical stuff, I took a woman I was dating at the time to a workshop there. She claimed to be psychic. For those of you that know me, you know that I don't really buy that kind of stuff. She seemed to be very uncomfortable in the house. While we were sitting on the couch in the dark doing the mock vigil, a stuffed animal that was at the other end of the couch bounced off the top of my head. Nobody was around it, and I know she did not touch it because she was holding my hands. After the workshop was over, I asked her what she thought of the place. She said that there were four spirits at the house. Two male and two female. Two were outside, and two were inside. She also said that two of them were angry, and stated that she did not want to go back. Take it for what it is worth.


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