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The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society Presents "Stories From Beyond"

Ghost Walks of Downtown LouisvilleThe Ghost Walks of Downtown Louisville
By Sharon Brown and Robert Parker (Mr. Ghost Walker)

Louisville was founded in 1778 by George Roger Clark and named after King Louis XVI of France; whose soldier’s were aiding America in the Revolutionary War.

What the first settlers saw when standing on the banks of the Ohio was a place that contained large ledges of limestone, great whirlpools and an uneven topography. The uneven terrain would cause large ponds of water to form, when it rained. This would create a mosquito breeding bed, earning the name “The Graveyard of the West”, due to malaria.

It would be the Ohio River and the Falls of the Ohio that would change Louisville forever. The majestic river would allow access to the East Coast and the great Mississippi river. If the steamboat made Louisville a town, the river would make it a city. One of the most important cargos on these steamboats was the people that came to Louisville, including laborers, farmers, carpenters, merchants, and masons.

They would build some of the present hotels, Victorian homes, theater, inns and industrial sites.

These people would shape and mold Louisville into the city that would become enriched in history and culture.

As the years passed and the buildings have gotten older, stories are being told that maybe some of our Louisville ancestors have not left. They remain with us, giving us glimpses into their lives.

In 2002 Mr. Robert Parker (Mr. Ghost Walker) began his search into the history and haunting’s of these old and interesting buildings from long ago. You are now welcome to go with him and learn the stories that connect these spirits to their present locations.

These locations include: Brown Hotel (interior), Brown Theater, Holiday Inn, Brennan House, Palace Theater and the Seelbach.

The corner of 4th and Broadway has been known as Louisville’s Magic Corner! So, is it any wonder, that the hotel that anchors that corner, the famed Brown Hotel, built in 1923, was the home of Mr. James Brown his entire life? In 1926, his chef presented him with the Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich, which became his ‘Signature Dish.’ Mr. Brown had a connection to the hotel in his life and even in his death. The apparition of Mr. Brown has been seen in various parts of the building, from the mezzanine, kitchen, all the way to the top floor of the hotel, where historians felt like Mr. Brown called home. Ghostly images of Mr. Brown have been seen in the building and the aroma of a cigar has been smelled in areas his spirit appeared, and the building is a nonsmoking building.

As we continue the tour you will want to be on your guard. These are some things that just may happen to you.

At the Brennan house on 5th Street, you might be watched from the upstairs master bedroom that Mr. and Mrs. Brennan shared during their marriage. Walkers on the tour have stated seeing a gray image of a person, move from window to window, staring down.

Walking to the Palace, it might be wise to look over your shoulder. A female employee told of feeling icy fingers in her long hair. She felt a tug of her pony tail. Upon looking around, nobody was near her.

As you pass the Seelbach, what is that I hear? Or what is that I see? An image of a bag lady is seen in the mirrors of the building.

The walking tours will last 90 minutes and reservations can be made by calling 367-1664. Tours are on Friday nights during the months of July, August, September and October.

Private party tours can be scheduled with advance notice. The cost is $10.00 per adult and $5.00 ages twelve and younger.

Tours depart from the Brown Hotel, 335 W. Broadway, first floor lobby at 7:30 PM.

Free parking on 4th street.  For more information, and to make reservations please e-mail:

If you should see Al Capone tell him that Robert and Sharon sent you.

Story and Photographs

By Sharon Brown and Robert Parker (Mr. Ghost Walker)

The Brennan House (Downtown Ghost Walks)

The Brown Hotel (Downtown Ghost Walks)

The Palace Theatre (Downtown Ghost Walks)

Your Gracious Host on The Downtown Ghost Walks

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* The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society Investigations are not always public, we do confidential investigations of haunted residences which will not be reported on our website.

If you have a haunted house, or a unexplained phenomenon that you would like us to investigate - please do not hesitate to contact us, and rest assured that your investigation will remain strictly confidential (unless you wish to release our findings to the public).


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