December 15, 2017 

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Photos from the Paranormal Conference in Alton.  Enjoy!

Keith Age and Vince Wilson

Julie, Jennifer Lauer(SWPRG), Keith, Kathy Santini-Richardson(SWPRG)

Jennifer Lauer, Len Adams, Ursula Bielski, Keith, Vince Wilson

Vince Wilson, Troy Taylor, Len Adams, Luke ?

Troy and Keith

Keith Age Speaking

Keith,  Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Vince Wilson

Keith and Ursula Bielski

Troy and Keith

Jennifer Lauer and Len Adams

Haven and Troy Taylor (Mr & Mrs)

Vince Wilson's "ORB" presentation

Lonnie Brown, Roberta Simpson Brown, Sharon Brown


Sharon Brown, Jennifer, and Keith

Troy introducing Keith for LGHS presentation.


The Possessed

Louisville Mojo

LGHS News Updates:

Investigation Request

The Haunted Boy



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