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How To Join The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society:

Explore, discuss, and learn about the paranormal! Membership to the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society is FREE to all.

Important Update: Meetings with LGHS are free to attend, and you do not have to be an active member to come out and network with other paranormal enthusiasts!  We meet at Hibachi Sushi on Bardstown Road, and enjoy a nice dinner before the meeting.  It's a fun time, because not only do you get to learn about the LGHS, but you also get to meet people interested in the same things you are!

We are a group of friendly people, who are interested in paranormal science and research.  So if you have an interest in ghosts, EVP's, and things that go "bump" in the night - come to a meeting, enjoy a nice meal - and make new friends!

Next Meeting Date:  February 6, 2018

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society will hold it's monthly meeting the first Tuesday of February at Hibachi Sushi located at 5316 Bardstown Road.  Dinner starts at 7pm. and the meeting will follow at approximately 7:15.

**Open to the public, purchase of meal required!

For more info please go to


Hibachi Sushi | Map

5316 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40291


* The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society reserves the right to refuse admission to our meetings for any reason.



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