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Urban Legends Investigated  By The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society:

By Jay Gravette

The building once known as Central State, was originally built in 1873 as the Home for Juvenile Delinquents at Lakeland. The original buildings were adjacent to the woodlands that are now know as E. P. "Tom" Sawyer Park in Anchorage, Kentucky.

Due to the abundant overcrowding at the eastern and western asylums, the building at Lakeland was renamed and given a new purpose, the care and treatment of patients with psychological disorders. During the mid 1920's allegations of abuse began to arise. Even the director, Dr. Prusys sanity was put into question. In 1930, they began using cold showers, insulin, lobotomies and electro-shock therapy to cure patients. Reports of massive overcrowding began in the early 1940's as wards originally designed to have a capacity of 1,600 were found to be holding well over 2,400. In 1943, the state grand jury found the asylum committing people that were neither insane nor psychotic. Many of the older buildings were labeled as firetraps due to their age and deterioration. In 1953, Director A. M. Lyons was indicted for malfeasance and mismanagement. There were also reports of over 20 separate fires and murders among the wards and multiple escapes during his term as director.

In the early 1960's the state of Kentucky, began funding of a $3,000,000 plan to modernize the hospital and in 1963, three new buildings were opened for use. During the 1970's various changes went into effect. The Hospital became privatized and patients that were not mentally ill were released. 1981 saw the biggest change in the hospitals history; it became an acute psychiatric hospital. And in 1986, all patients and administration moved into a more modern 192-bed facility.

All of the original buildings are gone now. The original hospital sadly was bulldozed in 1996. The only remnants are memories. For years teens and young adults trespassed into the old hospital upon hearing tales of patients being mistreated and abused. Have the mournful souls that died at Central State remained at the only home most of them ever knew? Filled with pain and anguish in death, just as they were in life.

The Old Central State Hospital Photo

In 2005, a memorial plague and gazebo were erected and dedicated to
former patients on the grounds of the original hospital.


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