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Urban Legends Investigated  By The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society:

The Witch Girl of Pilots Knob

After reading
Shadowlands.net,  my roommate and I decided to take a four hour drive from Louisville, Ky. to Marion, Ky. to visit Pilot's Knob.

After reading about the "little girl" who was buried in rock, and was surrounded by crosses - both my roommate and myself grew curious to see if we could actually find such a location.  It seems that in the late 1900's, in the small town of Marion Kentucky - the townsfolk believed that Mary Evelyn Ford, and her mother were witches.  Instead of taking them through the traditional judicial system, they immediately sentenced them to be burned alive.  Mary Evelyn Ford was six years old.  Her mother's charred corpse was buried somewhere far from Marion, and the little girl was decidedly buried in Pilot's Knob.  The town folk believed her spirit would return to take revenge, and so they buried the girl in a steel lined grave.  They covered her casket with concrete and gravel instead of dirt, and surrounded her grave with a white fence made of interconnecting crosses.  Town folklore states that this little girl's spirit cannot cross the gate around her grave, but she reaches out to anyone who dares near.  She can pull a mortal into her grave, and it is said that she makes faces to provoke people so she can get near enough to pull you into her gated area.

On the other side of the fence lies something much darker, "The Watcher."  He is a evil presence that is trying to get to the little girl, but cannot.  He cannot cross OVER the crosses which guard & entrap her.  Instead, he carefully attempts to snatch her soul, and chases any bystander away.  His spiritual presence is so strong, the hairs on your neck will stand on end.  Of course, this made us curious, so in the car we went!

Our story begins here.....

As we approached the town of Marion (Taking Western Kentucky Parkway to the Marion exit) - we ventured down US-62 until we came to a quaint Mom & Pop type of BP Gas station. Inside, we found three very anxious young adults working behind the counter.

I had a book with directions from mapquest inside, and I began to ask (verify actually) the roads with the attendants. A young woman spoke up and said "your going to Pilot's Knob?" I gave her a glance, and then smiled.

She immediately grew very pale and said "I never go there, no one does - there is a lot of stuff that goes on up there."

I asked, "Is it safe?" She didn't answer, but she said that there was a lot of "wise tales" about that place, and since there was just a cemetery up there - she went once and never ever again.

A friend of hers came from around the counter, and as if we were in a Scooby-Doo cartoon said "you both need to turn around and not go into that cemetery."

I chucked inside myself, took my directions that I was given from one of the young men who worked there... and we went on to find Pilot's Knob.

Venturing down the road (62) isn't that big of a deal, because it turns into Main St, and kinda veers around a weird turn (we went straight) to get onto Old Fords Ferry Road. Interesting to note, most of the townsfolk of this area had the last name of Ford, so it was natural that Fords Ferry would contain "Pilot's Knob," which also contained "Fords" deceased.

Passing cows, stray dogs, cats, and lots of people walking and on bikes - we found a road on our right that had a sign "Pilot's Knob Cem. Rd." We turned right, and made our way down the modest gravel road that leads you up into a hillside that almost swallows you with trees. The atmosphere is very "strong" in this drive up the hill, the whole area darkens from the thick cover of trees - the area is quiet, calm.... almost too quiet. You round a corner, and run directly into a large wooden cross with reflectors on it and a wire that stretches across the front of an old cemetery that seems to be flagged with red flags that read "Do Not Enter."

Another truck was there when we arrived, and since me and my roommate purchased two digital cameras for this trip, we decided we were not going to let other visitors spoil our time. I got out, and so did my roommate and we crossed over the wire. An elderly man and woman stood looking at a grave and talking with each other, I smiled and waved.... it's such a quiet lonely spot, I felt if I didn't wave - it would be rude.

They kept staring at us, and finally I said "I'm from Louisville, it's a beautiful day, and we thought we would visit Marion." The old lady smiled, and then I made the mistake of saying "We read about this cemetery on the Internet, and wanted to come check it out."

Now, understand I did not say "we are here to see the witch kid and the Watcher ghost." Nor did I say "we are here to do large amounts of heroin and worship the Devil." I just said "we read about this place on the internet, and wanted to come check it out."

The old man grabbed the woman by her arm violently, and said "no, you can't.... they wouldn't understand." She was about to say something to us, tell us something... but the old man she was with would not let her.

They both walked back to their truck, and drove off. It was the most bizarre behavior I had ever witnessed, and again - I felt as if I was in a Scooby-Doo episode.

Remember, up until this point the townspeople were almost "scared to talk about the place," and then the old woman was held back from telling us something. A big weird town if you ask me.

It gets much weirder..... as we strolled around the cemetery, indeed there is a grave with a big iron crossed fence, and it is covered (I should say lined) with gravel. It is framed (the gravel) in a vault-like container that goes into the ground [Legend says that she is at the bottom in a steel lined coffin covered in rock] - and in the rock were several small footprints like "pacing" back and forth.

Now, I am a skeptical guy - and yes, I know people get freaky and try to set stuff up - but there were actual little feet prints in the gravel rock. Not to mention you can see that the iron bars are pulled from the inside in a few places, and those bars are so very strong..... supernatural strength could only mis-shape those!  (This bar bending is part of the folklore, that she tries to escape the fence, and the Watcher tries to get her by breaking down the fence.)  It is also said in the folklore that if she "grabs" you, you will be pulled down into her grave to make her stronger.

There is also a tree in the middle of the cemetery that looks like it was set on fire.  More than likely, it was struck by lightning in a recent storm (which destroyed the tree) - but also left behind a rather monstrous looking trunk, which resembles the tree from "Sleepy Hollow" with Jonny Depp - and/or - the tree from Poltergeist.

Either way, the tree was just a minor decoration for the disturbing tale about to unfold.........

It was getting later, and my roommate and I had to use the restroom. We decided to leave and come back when it was dark. Bad move. First of all, that cemetery road looks mighty freaking creepy in the dark (it's still creepy in the light, btw) and further - it's not the most fun to navigate when your on edge a bit.

Yes, I was on edge. The town seemed to vanish at night, and further - no one was brave enough to talk about this spot we were visiting. No kids were driving by the place, no vandals, no beer bottles, no pizza boxes. This location was kept clean and vandal free - and there was no security guard. So, what was it? Indeed, either they have one hell of a security guard at night or - the town is just smarter than us city ghost chasing people.

At any case, our car pulled up and around the winding curve and the darkened cemetery came into full view. I was aware of the little girl who was a witch, and knew her grave location. I was NOT aware of a "Watcher" at this time, so I was not looking for anything outside of the iron fence. Wished I had been, because this "Watcher" thing was looking for us - BIG TIME.

I had never seen a ghost, I still have never SEEN a ghost... but there was something there in that cemetery when we walked up to the iron fence. There was a large crackling sound in the woods, non-animal like "you go there" voice and more crackling. Our lights illuminated the area, but no teenagers or pranksters. We turned to leave the area, only to now be followed close behind by footsteps (loud thumping kind) and when we turned, there wasn't anything there.  The overwhelming presence of "something" was right behind us, and I could feel it in my personal space, lifting the hairs on my neck and arms.  Goosebumps appeared, and the air was so incredibly - suddenly cold.

My roommate wanted to run, I told him to just stay calm and walk. I kept thinking "show no fear, walk, keep calm" - inside I was terrified.  I was also freezing.   I crossed the line by the white cross with reflectors and the air grew suddenly warm in the August air, and I hurried to unlock my car and leave.

There is something not right about Pilot's Knob, and whether town legend or past injustice has caused this - who knows? The only truth I know is... we were followed by a "thing" that wasn't there. This "thing" did not want us there, and he didn't want us anywhere near the little girl's grave.

Pulling out of that cemetery roadway and onto a main highway was the best feeling in the world. I'm sticking to daylight from now on.

From ShadowLands.net:

About Pilot's Knob Cemetery:

This cemetery is located off of Ford's Ferry Road in Marion. The legend behind this cemetery is about a five year old girl who was burned at the stake, along with her mother, in the late 1800's to the early 1900's for witchcraft.

It is not known what happened to the body of the mother, however the little girl, Mary Evelyn, is buried in a steel lined grave that is covered with rock and not dirt. She has a white picket fence surrounding her grave. The base of this fence is a series of crosses that connect end to end. However she is not tall enough to climb over the fence, unlike a normal 5 year old. Her tombstone looks brand new even though it is close to 100 years old, as does the fence.

She paces inside this fence when someone comes to visit her making faces at them and reaching out to them. She sleeps during the day but is very evident at night. The legend also says that she can not rest because she is searching for her mother but can not escape the confines of the fence.

Many unexplainable things occur at this cemetery. For one the "Watcher" makes himself very known and tries to follow you out of the cemetery. The "Watcher" was murdered at the swinging bridge but haunts the witch’s grave. He is trying to get to the little witch but because of the crosses that surround her he is unable to because he is evil.

Crosses appear in the trees both upright and upside down, directly over her grave, though they face different directions. She presents herself as a normal 5-year-old little girl in a white dress, though her dress is scorched at the bottom as is her blonde hair. If you lay on her grave she will hold you down refusing to let go until someone from outside of the fence pulls you free. However never lay on the grave when you are alone because chances are you will be pulled into her grave to be with her thus giving her more power. As with every haunted cemetery people that are open to the spirit world sees something different.

Email From LGHS Website Visitor:


My name is Johnny. After watching the sci-fi production on the Waverly Hills hauntings I did a little looking and came across your site after doing a search on the Fords Ferry hauntings. You did very well on the observation of the so called "witches Grave" and it was very factual. HOWEVER... you missed the fords ferry hauntings... yes there is a legend about it you should be aware of. First off let me tell you a bit about myself.

I grew up around there and now live in the dreaded city of Paducah. In my younger days I am now 40, there is a place there called "Fords' Ferry Landing". I'll jump to the chase here. If you read up in your history books about this place it was a notorious hangout during the pre-civil war days as a hangout for outlaws during the pioneer days of thehistory of our nation. Settlers would cross this ferry headed west in search of fortune and land in the west. It was also known to murderers and thieves who frequently hid while settlers came across the Ohio and landed at "Fords Ferry". there, entire families were slaughtered and robbed for a few dollars. Over 100 were murdered there. As the legend goes there are still the remains of lost souls still seeking the west and their fame and fortune...I have witnessed some things there that were"Unexplainable". In my younger days, groups of us would go and hang out there ..party..you know?

We saw shadows.. heard breathing...screaming... even white apparitions that seemed to rise from the fog... maybe it was the alcohol..maybe it wasn't. I had dismissed these things as only paranoia
as we had no explanations and the parties went on. I only wondered why no one told the researchers about this while they were there investigating the "Witches Grave" on Pilots knob. But as I read on, I realized why. The locals are as strange as Ghosts themselves.

- Johnny

P.S. we also saw things and heard things at pilots knob as well.


"The Little Witch" girls grave, surrounded by interconnected
crosses at night.  DO NOT VISIT ALONE!


"The Little Witch" girls grave, surrounded by interconnected
crosses during the day.  DO NOT VISIT ALONE!


Something "wicked" this way comes.  Craig Weikel checks out
some strange footsteps coming at us from the back of the
cemetery.  Notice the "Witch Girls" grave in the background.


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